Discover Easy Chef line

Being simple to be special. All the tools of this line have been created for supporting you preparing special recipes: every Easy Chef product is unique.



  • Pastapot 
  • Double omelette pan: Ø cm 24 
  • Deep fryer: Ø cm 28
  • Steamer 
  • Wok

  • Rondine Easy Chef
  • Pastapot: just one pot to cook, drain and add the sauce. The spaghetti server, in HT nylon resistant to high temperatures, helps to keep the non-stick surface intact.
  • Double omelette pan: composed of two frypans joined by a special lock to allow the omelette to be turned safely and practically without spilling the ingredients. The two parts can also be used separately as two frypans, to cook different recipes simultaneously.
  • Deep fryer: ideal to prepare delicious fries using only small amunts of oil. The microperforated splash screen prevents fat from splashing while allowing vapour to escape, for dry and crispy fries.
  • Steamer: ideal for healthy, natural cooking with great nutritional properties. The concave form guarantees optimal steam circulation.
  • Wok: perfect for cooking both ethnic and traditional dishes. The form allows perfect and even heat distribution for fast cooking without wasting energy.