Rondine: simply, a great italian story

Rondine is an italian company that has built its success on product innovation and on its ability to anticipate the evolution of the market. Thanks to continuous growth, in the 1990s a major group was created followed by the acquisition of two prestigious brands: Bialetti, a world leader of coffee makers, and Faema Casa. Rondine, which has always been the historical brand of the group, has continued its production of non-stick cookware, reaching a top position on the Italian market and establishing itself as a leading brand in Europe.

Rondine Italia, this was the name of the company, was founded in 1947 in Coccaglio (Brescia) by Francesco Ranzoni The company was specialized in manufacturing aluminum pans. In the 1980s, Rondine Italia was one of the first to use a non-stick coating and to introduce screen printing on its cookware. During the same period, it reached another important objective with the creation of the Trudi line of non-stick aluminum cookware, which is today the best-selling line in mass retail. The year 1993 marked an important turning-point:

Rondie Italia acquired Bialetti. These two companies have different stories, but are both Italian and have the same vocation for quality and innovation. This common philosophy convinced the Chairman, Francesco Ranzoni, to purchase a shareholding representing the entire share capital of Alfonso Bialetti & C. from Faema. This singular entrepreneurial decision, in just a few years, led to extraordinary successes bearing the mark of the legendary “Little Man with the Moustache”. In the late 1990s, to be precise in 1998, another milestone for the company was reached: Rondine and Alfonso Bialetti & C. merged and Rondine became a trademark of the prestigious Group, which in the present as in the past is an important point of reference in family kitchens in Italy and the world over.

In 2011 has been made a great re-styling of the lines. Trudi line, always in evolution, is still the most beloved one. The cooking tools of the Easy Chef line are a great success, a whole line dedicated to special cooking.