Born at the end of the 1940s, in the 1980s the Rondine brand had perfected the production process of non-stick cookware, and since then, spread it significantly in Italy and abroad, in particular through the retail outlets, by virtue of the vastness of the range offered and for its quality/price ratio. In the same period, Trudi - the line of non-stick aluminium cookware - had become the iconic product of the Rondine brand.

In 2011, the range was the protagonist of a major renovation and the new Trudi Evolution line was presented that, thanks to the special interior coating in Light Cook silicon-based Ceramics, was distinguished by its ability to adapt to a healthy and natural style of cooking and presents a novelty also from the aesthetic point of view, with a contemporary external texture in silicone paint of a minium colour with a marbled effect.

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