The group

More value to everyday life: a statement of excellence that derives from the ability of Bialetti Industrie to associate the quality of the Italian tradition with technological innovation, functionality, and the originality of design, giving life to objects designed so that they become part of everyday living in the kitchen.

The watchword of the Group yesterday, as it is today is to innovate, interpreting the identity of the Italian Style that represents the essential trait of a production that is unique in the world for everything that regards originality and with particular richness and variety of range.

One of the strengths of Bialetti Industrie, in fact, it is the high degree of recognisability of the brands and products, joined with its ability to fulfil the individual needs and expectations of those who believe that the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home.

Today the Group is composed of excellent brands such as Bialetti, Aeternum, Rondine and Cem. It has about 319 trademarks, holds 127 patents for invention, 11 utility models and 212 ornamental and industrial design models. It dedicates significant internal and external resources to research and development of new products and technologies through a flexible structure and a series of well-established partnerships with professionals, design institutes, universities and research centres. And it is distinguished for having the most advanced production techniques and for its strong commercial presence in Italy and abroad.

All of this currently allows Bialetti Industrie to face new and future challenges, still inspired by the passion for excellence that is fully Italian.