What they are
Cookies are small text files that are memorised in the computer or mobile device of the user when he or she visits our web site.  

What they are used for
Cookies are used by us to ensure the user an optimal experience on our site.  This site uses cookies, even from third parties, to send customised promotional messages.


Types of cookies Cookies are categorised as follows. 
- Session Cookies. Cookies that are automatically deleted when the user closes the browser.
- Persistent Cookies. Cookies that are stored in the user’s device until it reaches a given termination date (in terms of minutes, days, or years from the creation/update of the cookies).
- Third-party cookies. Cookies that are memorised on behalf of third parties. It is possible to check and delete individual cookies using the settings available on most browsers.
This, however, may prevent you from properly using some features of our web site.
To learn more about this, you are invited to see or

Cookie management
To optimise your experience also in the management of cookies, we have decided to organise the cookies used by this site into four categories, depending on the purposes pursued: essential, comfort, performance, advertising. 
- Essential: These cookies are essential for the smooth operation of the site and its features. Examples: authentication cookies.
- Comfort: These cookies allow the improvement of the comfort and usability of Internet sites and to enable various functions. For example, in the comfort cookies it is possible to store the results of the search, the language settings, the size of the characters.
- Performance: These cookies collect information on how the Internet sites are used. The performance Cookies help us, for example, to determine which areas are most popular on our site. This allows us to adapt the content of the Internet pages to your desires and at the same time allows us to improve the Internet services offered.
- Advertising: These cookies are used to customise the delivery of information and advertising communications, depending on the interests of the user, e.g., on the basis of the pages visited.

How one can block and delete the Cookies Cookies are not used to memorise personal information, and so it is always possible to delete them.  The most common web browsers allow the cancellation by means of user command or automatically whenever the browser is closed. It is also possible to set your web browser to block the creation of cookies, in this case, it is not possible to ensure the correct operation of the service offered.