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Bialetti Industrie S.p.A. is a leading industrial company in Italy and one of the major operators on international markets, and is now home to brands with a lot of tradition and great fame, such as Bialetti, Aeternum, Rondine and CEM.

Bialetti Industrie produces and markets products that fall into the Houseware category and, in the particular case of the Bialetti brand, it is involved in the market of products for making coffee, like the traditional coffee pots, electric coffee pots, electric machines for espresso coffee, and a range of coffee in capsules. The brand is also dedicated to producing top of the range cooking tools and accessories for confectioners. The Aeternum, Rondine and CEM brands, in the other hand, are involved in the cooking tools and kitchen accessories segment.

Bialetti’s commercial structure covers all major markets and operates via the Head Office in Coccaglio, in the province of Brescia, and an important commercial centre in France (Paris). Having distinguished itself over the years for the high degree of innovation and quality expressed in its products, and for the use of new materials and technologies, the Group has its own production plants and applies its Italian know-how in Italy, Rumania and Turkey, where it has a commercial branch, as well as an office in China.