Man, health and nature.  The Group takes respect for ethics, social accountability and the environment, as key values in the company culture, which will be the guiding light more and more in the future, for the way Bialetti Industrie thinks, plans and produces. 

These are concrete choices that, in the past, have led to collaboration with AIRC the Italian Cancer Research Association, the Breast Cancer Association, and various other associations in various countries.

Ever greater responsibility and commitment, also to be seen in close ties with Legambiente, supporting campaigns to safeguard the territory, promoted by the Italian Environmental Association.  Also, in 2007 a commitment pact was signed with Legambiente to reduce emissions into the atmosphere by retrieving aluminium during the production process, and running a metal collection campaign.  

The coherence and concrete nature of the path taken have led to the introduction of non-stick products with a new eco-friendly coating, which does not release PFOA emissions into the environment, even during the production process.  


Social commitment

For Bialetti Industrie, the Company's Social Accountability is a key element of its strategy. This can be summarised as the constant quest for quality, not only in the finished product and its performance, but for the entire production process, the real stars of which are all the employees. 

For the Bialetti group, everything comes together in the "business quality" and "social accountability" project, especially as regards the human factor, loyalty to the territory, respect for the environment, use of technologies aimed at saving and optimising the use of materials, and personnel training on the best use of energy and products.  Bialetti Industrie intends to promote development of the “soft economy”, where territories and companies meet, where alliances are forged between those with know-how, new technologies, tradition, and a point at which competitiveness is furthered by training, research, social cohesion and positive relations with the communities.

For Bialetti Industrie this all comes together in the concept of business quality, and ethical and social accountability.  The awarding of Ethical Certification in terms of the SA8000 International Standard, is an authoritative ratification of this.  Its actions to safeguard its employees and their health are its most visible expressions.  The work methods conform to all safety regulations and UNI standards worldwide.