Moka Induction is now available in Italy

13 Oct 2014

A revolutionary coffee pot, suitable for use on gas hobs, hotplates and pyroceram and induction cooktops.

Moka Induction is the upshot of total expertise in the sector, leading to the combination of two top-quality materials: food-grade aluminum alloy, for the lid and top chamber – the same material which has always been used to make the sturdy body of the Moka Express pot – and steel, to make the bottom chamber and middle chamber, perfect for use on induction cooktops.

Completing the pot is the band bearing the Moka Induction logo, made of silicone like the handle and lid knob, ergonomic, non-slip and with soft-touch finish. Innovative and trendy is also the choice of colours: light gold, anthracite, red and white are modern colours, which discreetly adapt to all types and styles of kitchen.